Need a QR Code? Here’s how to get a FREE QR Code

Need a QR Code? Here’s how to get a FREE QR Code – QR code is short for ‘quick response’ code. It’s a square-shaped black-and-white symbol that is scanned with a smartphone or laser to learn more about a product or service. These encrypted squares can hold content, links, coupons, event details, and other information that users want to see.

QR codes usually takes this form:

Although not every QR code is shaped like a perfect square. Sometimes they have unique patterns, colors, and logos displayed inside. You’ll find them in non-digital spaces like direct mail, signage, billboards, and even TV shows where you can scan the code on the screen using your phone.

Are you looking for the best free QR Code generators for single-time use? In this post, we would be recommending The QR Code Generator by Beaconstac among others.

The QR Code Generator by Beaconstac supports the humble QR Code types, such as text, URL, contact, or vCard QR Code, call, and SMS. The tool has diverse static QR Code generation formats for various links, example; youtube, twitter, website, etc.

The QR Code Generator features a simple user interface that lets you create a unique QR code in minutes. All you need to do is simply create an account/signup with your email account, add your URL or the information you want to share and your QR code appears instantly enabling you to download as file. We recommend downloading as 1,000px since you have a free account. Creating your account enables you keep track of your QR Codes.

Having a shape preference? With Beaconstac you can try their various options; either Beaconstac’s QR Code platform, QR Code chimp, Flowcode, or Unitag’s QR Code solution.

Another reason we recommend them:

Beaconstac stands out as the safest QR Code solution, they take the following measures to ensure a safe and secure QR Code experience as mentioned on their website;

  1. An anomaly detection shield — This is a framework that identifies inconsistencies in user scan behavior, notifies the account owner, and filters such traffic. This maintains data sanity.
  2. Phishing URL detection — This is a URL-based phishing detection to protect end-users from malicious links attached to QR Codes.
  3. Custom domain & URL — Similar to company-owned email ids, users verify the ownership of the QR Code by looking at the domain it redirects to. Beaconstac’s QR Code platform allows brands to customize the URL to a branded one.
  4. SOC-2 Type 2 compliant — This is the only QR Code solution in 2023 that is SOC-2 compliant. This is an assurance by security experts that the company is well-equipped to handle security attacks and is committed to rigorous security measures.

How To Make a QR Code

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up to save and track your progress.
  3. Select QR code type.
  4. Enter your URL.
  5. Customize your static QR code.
  6. Click “Download”, select “PNG”, size “1000px”and save the file to your computer.
  7. You can now use your camera to scan the QR code.

Enable Chrome Feature:

Do you intend creating several QR codes at once? You might find it worthwhile to download their Google Chrome Extension which has over 1million downloads for a faster workflow.

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